Huan Li

Dr. Li is an Assistant Professor of Economic at Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Her research is in Environmental Economics and Social Justice. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from State University of New York at Binghamton. Dr. Li currently teaches ECON 200 – Principle of Microeconomics and ECON 485 – Environmental Economics.

Peer-reviewed Articles

Working Papers

  • “Firm Behavior Under Unanticipated Change in Regulation: Power Plant Emissions during 2018-19 Federal Government Shutdown” with R. Zhang & N. Khanna.
  • “NASA Satellite Detection of Air Pollution: Air Quality Impacts of Shale Gas Development in Pennsylvania,” with R. Zhang, N. Khanna, D. Sullivan, A. Krupnick, & E. Hill. (Media coverage on Environmental Health News:
  • “An Application of Spatially Harmonized U.S. Socioeconomic Database: A Case Study of Chicago” with I. Kumar, Y. Kim, L.Beaulieu, M. Delgado, R. Florax, T. Hertz, T. Smith, B. Waldorf, M. Wilcox, and A. Zhalnin.
  • Long-Term Small Business Survival and Success after Hurricane Katrina: the Role of Community Capitals.” with Marshall, M..
  • Mobility in Economic Status Among People and Places. with Smith, Tim, Michael Delgado, Raymond Florax, Tom Hertz, Indraneel Kumar, and Brigitte Waldorf.
  • Socioeconomic Heterogeneity of Racial Income and Mobility Gaps in the U.S. with Michael Delgado, Raymond Florax, Tom Hertz, Indraneel Kumar, Tim Smith, and Brigitte Waldorf.